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Willow ptarmigan in winter plumage

This bird has somewhat complicated name in English (maybe only for me), the willow ptarmigan, also know as willow grouse or red grouse (Lagopus lagopus, riekko in Finnish). The bird is shown in it’s white winter plumage. The black throat and the … Continue reading

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The Secretarybird has a bad-hair-day every day

The secretarybird (Sagittarius serpentarius, sihteeri in Finnish) is a very large, mostly terrestrial bird of prey. Endemic to Africa, it is usually found in the open grasslands and savannah of the sub-Saharan region. The secretarybird is instantly recognizable as a very large … Continue reading

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Orange River White-eyes visited our camp site

Staying at the Sendelingsdrif Rest Camp next to the bank of Orange River on the boarder of South Africa and Namibia is a pleasure. Lot of birds, beautiful scenery. Several orange river white-eyes (Zosterops pallidus, eteläafrikanrilli in Finnish ) visited our braai, clearly used to … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Bhumibol Adulyadej, the King of Thailand

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Originally posted on Pulse of Change – Muutoksen syke:
King Bhumibol, who celebrates his 86th anniversary today December 5th, is the world’s longest-serving current head of state, over 67 years now, in Thailand. It would be hard to find any other person in such…

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Murals on the back street in Bangkok

These murals, painted elegantly with muted colors, are on a narrow back street (soi) on the edge of Bangkok’s China Town, Talat Noi. That is a great area for unplanned walk, street photography and escape from the busy main streets and shops.

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Kaiku (Echo), Pori Jazz 1977

Pori Jazzissa 1977 saatiin musiikin lisäksi nauttia uudesta huipputason tanssitaiteesta. Suomen Kansallisbaletti esitti Porin teatterissa Carolyn Carlsonin – “Suomen nykytanssin kummitäti” – ohjaaman Kaiun. Teoksen päärooleissa sekä Kansallisbaletissa Helsingissä 1976 että Porissa 1977 olivat Jorma Uotinen ja Leena Gustavson, muu tanssijat olivat Erja … Continue reading

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Art for December 21st: Summer feeling

Johann Köler (1826 – 1899) was a leader of the Estonian national awakening and a painter. I simply love the feeling of this Faithful Guardian (1878), and many details of it, like swallowtail butterfly, hat full of flowers, directions of sights. Kumu, Art … Continue reading

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