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Apartment buildings in Tallinn

This buildings in Tallinn may not make justice for current Estonian architecture, but there is a certain functional – if not minimalist – charm in these. I guess all are built during the Soviet era (1940-1991), though I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Spanish Fortress views in Hvar, Croatia

High on the mountain, looking over the seaside town of Hvar, is the majestic Spanish Fortress, built during the 16th century against Turks with the proceeds of the sale of salt and the help of Spanish engineers. The path climbing up the hill … Continue reading

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Where is my turquoise garment?

The walk on the walls of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia offers interesting views.

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Bangkok during dusk

(Time to plan the next trip to Thailand?)

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Waiting for the summer

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Desolated Ponte di Rialto, Venice at 7am

One of the great photo bloggers is Bruno, who covers mostly views of Venice. Just a couple of days ago he blogged about one of the most iconic views of Venice. He also gave some hints about how, when and where … Continue reading

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A home (in a tree) in Berlin

The tree is here.

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Seen from Willis Tower, Chicago

I just read the nice blog of Rory Alexander from his visit to Chicago, and I could not resist to show off my own pictures I took from the very same footsteps some two years ago. 🙂 Willis Tower, maybe … Continue reading

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Twisted buildings in Prague (pano #18-#21)

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is full of magnificent buildings. Here are a few of them, in slightly distorted form. (Click the images to see them in larger format.) Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Loreta (or Loreto) … Continue reading

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The rhythm of roofs in Helsinki (pano #17)

Katajanokka in Helsinki, Finland seen from the roof level during a foggy day offers cubism-like scene and jazzy rhythm. Each of the Art Nouveau style houses have unique style keeping the artisan profession of the roof blacksmiths (or how they are called?) alive. … Continue reading

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