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Ernesto Neto in Kiasma

Gigantic colorful crochet installations! Made by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. You have to see and experience (yes, you can ‘go in’ of some of those) them with your own senses: “Through his art, Neto offers a moment of respite from the bustle … Continue reading

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Art for the last day of 2015: Disobedience

One day (2011) by Jani Leinonen (website, Wikipedia in Finnish), the Headmaster of the School of Disobedience in Kiasma, the contemporary art museum of Finland. I took this picture (a side note: the sentence was originally written by Jean Jacques Rousseau) in October … Continue reading

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Art for December 20th: Fire and fabric

Untitled (1986), made by a Greek artist Jannis Kounellis, is an interesting mix of steel, cotton, wool and fire – materials that by intuition are not matching well together. I returned to watch is this art work a couple of time. The whoosh … Continue reading

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Tom Molloy’s Protest

Tom Molloy is an Irish artist living in France. Modern art museum Kiasma in Helsinki shows tiny photographs he has cut out from newspapers and internet prints. These hundreds of ‘real life paper dolls’ are squeezed on a ten meter … Continue reading

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Tino Sehgal’s Kiss in Kiasma

I was corrected “This is not a performance, it’s a piece of art.”,  when I asked at Kiasma’s ticket desk, who are the persons in the performance.  I was also told that the names of the persons are not relevant. Only … Continue reading

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Illuminated Helsinki

I can feel the rumble of waves, I can sense the craggy surface of the walls, I can see the giant angles playing in the pilars of Pantheon. I can hear the light. The annual art event Lux Helsinki brings thirteen … Continue reading

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