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Art from Trash installation exhibition

Some weeks ago I blogged about an environmental art project in connection with the cleaning of the shores of the Gulf of Finland in Helsinki, Tallinn and Turku. The collected debris and trash was then used to create installations according the concept created by artist Kristiina … Continue reading

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Tino Sehgal’s Kiss in Kiasma

I was corrected “This is not a performance, it’s a piece of art.”,  when I asked at Kiasma’s ticket desk, who are the persons in the performance.  I was also told that the names of the persons are not relevant. Only … Continue reading

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Whiplash remix

You’ve seen the movie Whiplash (three Oscars!) telling about young jazz drummer student? – Maybe you should. Maybe you should not. (I liked it.) – Trailer But if you are a natural talent, you don’t need a demanding teacher. You just play by heart. … Continue reading

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Jazz in Finland during 1970’s and 2010’s

This is a video made of jazz pictures I took during 1970’s and 2010’s. This was the event, when I had a premier of this video. Maybe it was not a global success, but I had an enthusiastic audience. I liked … Continue reading

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Like a fox in the night …

During the last weeks we noticed something strange happening during the night: one of our rubber boots – only one, not a pair – was moved a few meters. And always my wife’s red boot, not my black one. Who, … Continue reading

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Blindfolded Thai boxing

Thai boxing, or Muay Thai is the most popular martial art in Thailand,  though it is practiced around the world today. There are also some Finnish world champions in Muay Thai. Muay Thai is not only serious sport as can bee … Continue reading

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Illuminated Helsinki

I can feel the rumble of waves, I can sense the craggy surface of the walls, I can see the giant angles playing in the pilars of Pantheon. I can hear the light. The annual art event Lux Helsinki brings thirteen … Continue reading

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Is this funny? – Tämäkö muka naurattaa?

Is it appropriate that we make fun of our descendants? But I tell you, we got our laughs! En tiedä, kuinka sopivaa on pilailla omien jälkeläistensä kustannuksella? Mutta voin taata, että meillä on ollut hauskaa!

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Tapaninpäivän myrsky 2011 – Boxing Day 2011 storm in Finland

Viime vuosikymmenen pahin myrsky pyyhki yli eteläisen ja läntisen Suomen viime yön ja tämän päivän aikana. Eri uutislähteet ovat julkaisseet omia harrastelijakuvaajien otoksia myrskyn jäljistä (HS, IS, IL, MTV3). Tässä blogissa muutama oma otokseni Mäntsälästä. One of the most severe storms … Continue reading

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