The leaning bell tower of Santo Stefano, Venice


The bell tower (campanile) of Santo Stefano in Venice, seen from the north over Campo Sant’Angelo.

“Campanile is 61 m high with electromechanical bells, from late renaissance (1544) and leaning, with a newer top. On 7th August 1585 it was struck by lightning, collapsed onto nearby houses, and the bells melted. Replacements came from England, where Catholic churches were being stripped under Elizabeth I. Rebuilt in 17th and 18th Centuries. The base was reinforced between 1902 and 1906 due to an earthquake in 1902 and consequent leaning. Still said to be unstable.” (Source)

I’m not sure if the tower has been now stabilized, so that it will not fall simply due to gravity onto houses again.Also  the replacement bells might be hard to get from England again …

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2 Responses to The leaning bell tower of Santo Stefano, Venice

  1. Rigby says:

    A man, a woman, a girl and a rubbish collector in the shade. Tiled roofs, roof garden and brick tower in the early morning sunlight. Wonderful. The cute little chimney like a parody of the giant tower, as if showing it how to stand up straight. Romantic rich colours and textures. Lots of grass growing between the flagstones. And those two delightful balconies. Thanks, it’s like being there.

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